Instead of antidepressants, my internist prescribed daily alone time to "look within" to manage the anxiety attacks that followed my fall. In response to his wisdom, I began walks into Nature that became a daily ritual for survival. I was drawn to a fallen Oak Tree, where I called every day to the Heavens for help to heal my pain and guide me through the unraveling of my "perfect" life.

The expanded story...

My instinct for survival through my "Dark Night of the Soul" initiated a daily ritual of hikes into the hills behind my home where I came upon the fallen Oak Tree that became my refuge. This beloved tree became the only place where I could find relief from the severe emotional, physical and mental pain I was feeling from the dismantling of the old security of my physical world. Each day, I stepped upon the Oak Tree and invoked the Power of the Heavens for Divine help. This Divine Energy began to work in me…bringing to my awareness the toll my external success had taken on my internal Being.

I had done all the right things... been kind, hard-working, dedicated to my family, my church, my business, my community. I had become identified with being everything to everybody... true to everybody and everything...except to my own Soul. Now my Soul was calling me home. Without knowing where my life was going, I answered this Call of my Soul with an unequivocal "YES" that I did not understand with my conscious mind. My willingness to make the journey into the unknown ultimately made me available to receive the Divine Gift of Diamond Alignment that transformed my world of sorrow and suffering into Freedom and Joy.

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