My Soul's Call to Awaken came in 1987 in the form of a two-minute fall - a total lapse in consciousness that came from out of the blue - that ultimately shook my highly successful world to its core. My externally driven horizontal life had caused me to lose inner balance and alignment with my Soul, without consciously being aware of it. My life-changing fall was actually my Soul's Call to Awaken and move beyond my horizontal trance.

The expanded story...

At age 38, by all accounts, I looked like I had it all: excellent health, a long-term marriage, four beautiful children, a thriving multi-million dollar business, an active social network, prominence as a leader in my church and my community... a picture of intelligence, beauty and endless energy with nothing but years of success under my belt. I thought I was invincible. I had no awareness of how much was being denied inside to keep up the façade of what I now know was my horizontal trance. I soon discovered that when it is time to Awaken out of this limiting trance, our Soul sometimes calls us home to our Highest Diamond Potential through physical and emotional pain.

In the wake of my sudden collapse which I later recognized as my Soul's Call to Awaken, I began experiencing debilitating anxiety attacks anytime I behaved like the "old Jacquie"-superwoman. Unable to control the drastic shifts that began to occur with my normal indomitable willpower, I was terrified and sought medical help. After thorough testing, my internist found nothing wrong with me physically. At the time I did not realize that my Awakening would include the release of all that was out of Alignment with my Soul.

In the months and years that followed, my life began to unravel on all levels. All the prayers in my heart, the therapy I was now in and the inspirational talks in all the churches I went to... did not relieve my pain.

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