In 1984, while inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, I received, in the silence of my Soul, the Divine Plan for bringing forth Diamond Alignment, a Sacred Technology. This Plan germinated in the depths of my unconscious for several years until the Call came to fully awaken and fulfill my Soul's Purpose.

The expanded story...

The great myths throughout time have always pointed to mankind's inner search for Freedom and greater Purpose in life. My Soul has always been on this quest... seeking to be free of limitations and more consciously connected with the unlimited Power of the Divine. Diamond Alignment has been the Divine Answer to my Soul's search for this ultimate Freedom and conscious Connection.

My experience in the Great Pyramid of Egypt catalyzed my inner yearning for more direct contact with the Divine. Over the next many years, I searched for expanded ways of connecting with God beyond the traditions of my Catholic upbringing. I attended many churches of multiple denominations, intensely studied the Bible and deepened my Connection to Christ. My Soul propelled me to explore the multi-dimensional nature of the Divine even further... beyond religion and beyond this earthly plane. Ultimately, this exploration led me to viscerally experience the Divine as Energy - the Cosmic Energy of Love. This was not love as a sweet feeling, but Love as a current that had the power to transform anything that was not It... into It... like light transforms a dark room. I experienced this Cosmic Energy as the Divine Power within everything that exists.

From the Diamond perspective, we are all seen as Energy - sparks of the Divine who have come to this Earth to fully express our Soul's Joy and Highest Purpose. In our accelerated and demanding world, it can be challenging to stay consciously aware of the Divine Power Within us and stay Aligned with Its true Joy and Purpose. It is easy to lose Connection inside, fall into unconscious living and make choices without awareness... as if we are in a trance.

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